Recently, we have been visited at PBUY & Drinka Store in Ipoh by our new friends from Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Perak and all over Malaysia for Ipoh Tour for their skating competition (thanks, Buckson, for bringing them!). We have been exchanging a lot of ideas, hopes, dreams ++++. So soooo, let me start.


A local skateboard company from Kuala Lumpur, Thieves Slateboard (@thvs.kl), with the help from few other brands have introduced a new friendly environment— a less-stress vibe in skateboarding competition. 


Their main objective? To create a great never-ending bond among skaters regardless their location, age and all those tiny details. They don’t care whether this guy is sponsored or that guy isn’t sponsored, they very much less care too whether this guy is a local pro skater or not.


All they want is— to be in one happy environment where they can share their experiences + hopes + dreams. Indeed, there’s no other beautiful way to tell how great these people are especially when they skate freely by the side of the road (yep of course, they struggle too here and there a little bit, aren’t we all?).


Huge thanks to these friends: Awyn, Karat, Mamak, Bobo, Didat, Bunker, Negro, Daniel, Ajan, Eric, Zaim, Candu, Am, Nizam, Fikri, Dane, Adam, Chin Peng, Ben, Jar Chicken.

Info by: Nizar Hashim

Photo by: Reno

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