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Pronunciation: soof-jan Sufjan, what an interesting name! So, let’s start a little bit with the name. The name Sufjan comes from the founders’ beloved kiddo, Naqeeb Sufjan! The name carries a powerful meaning – to be a leader and brave one! Who’s Naqeeb Sufjan’s parents? These 2 power rangers are Ana and Megat. While Ana […]

Thieves KL

Recently, we have been visited at PBUY & Drinka Store in Ipoh by our new friends from Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Perak and all over Malaysia for Ipoh Tour for their skating competition (thanks, Buckson, for bringing them!). We have been exchanging a lot of ideas, hopes, dreams ++++. So soooo, let me start. A local […]

If Baked’s Tauhu P-Bergedil!

It has really been a while! Sorry for the long hiatus. Been busy with the world. So this time around, I’m going to feed y’all with some loveeeeeee. P/s: love is food, food is love, right? The ultimate mother-daughter duo of If Baked has made a comeback! This time around, they make Tauhu Bergedil!! (!!!!!!) […]

Gunting Batu Kain

Have you ever heard of Gunting Batu Kain? This is not the ordinary Gunting Batu Kain we usually play with our sisters and friends. Gunting Batu Kain — they started off by selling the English cotton fabric. Now, they have rebranded their business, they sell readymade (beautifully tailored by themselves) Baju Kurung too! Worry not, […]