It has really been a while! Sorry for the long hiatus. Been busy with the world. So this time around, I’m going to feed y’all with some loveeeeeee. P/s: love is food, food is love, right?

The ultimate mother-daughter duo of If Baked has made a comeback! This time around, they make Tauhu Bergedil!! (!!!!!!) You may choose the fillings— daging lembu (🐄) or daging ayam (🐓). My personal choice? Both! 

This is absolutely not a commercial. But, I myself wasn’t into Tauhu Bergedil. Until I tried this Tauhu Bergedil from If Baked! You do not want to miss out, go try. Takkan menyesal.

Price per box is RM5 (meat/chicken). FIVE (5) huge Tauhu balls inside the box + sambal kicap + special topping! There’s no minimum order, great huh? They do delivery as well.

So, come on now, people of Ipoh!

Should I consider doing review for food now? LOL.

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