The epochs of post truth is about a different atmosphere from back then until now. To change, you have to deal with probability; can’t use the same methods as you did 10 or 20 years ago. You may start to preach three times to a person who are really enthusiast to something they are into as you. If you make until 4, yes you can put aside ignorance and keep on marching forward. Among the new and old generations, everyone is like a tree. They grow wild initially but does the growth circulation way needs to remain as the same happened back then? I don’t know which kind of ways we would think to change, as the thoughts need a much deeper dig in micro-SWOT analysis. To be precise, yes I have to agree because It is a matter of living in the community and speaking of it, do support each other by buying stuffs or going to any shows exactly. What is Punk, what is Indie rock, what is ‘Rock Kangkang’, I’m not so sure about it but speaking of something to change and the solution for the community, be critically and that would shape your ethos/ethics kind of and it is a counter culture basically based on the roots. Somehow at the end of disccusion, everyone is playing a role (should be) as a marketer to promote. At least by hitting a share button, it’s quite adequate.

The circulation needs to stop. It’s a vicious cycle. New generations is trying to apprehend something new in their life while the old generations they already knew as they have gone through few phases of life previously. Between old and new, the contradicts gap should be enclosed closely which is the contradict of thoughts. Severance phrases, we are too worrying about the quantity of crowds and indeed, it helps a scene to grow expandly. But those allegations of stupidity and ignorance though it’s true, yet what rights do you have for people to succumb from your opinions? I do believe, the sense of democracy instead of despotism through words would have an exchangeable ideas from two sides and it works in terms of indirectly learning. Somehow, new generations at least must have a sense of respect and willingly come over to talk and share opinions with the old ones. That’s how it goes the supply-demand theory persists in other to comprehend the new atmosphere of the scene between the two sides. The outcomes, it would create a resemblance and mutual understanding and indirectly rising of colletivism as well. My two cents of point is that, collective would work if you succeed  achieve a mutual understanding between parties. That’s how the punk scene keeps on sustaining throughout the years due to everyone has a way of thinking to profound what is new and what is the root of culture and scene, buying stuffs and dare to execute works for the community.

Again, what is the true parlance of ‘Indie’ and are we talking about the movement or music precisely? Absolutely, both. But the thing is, we exclude the macro knowledgement. Some people tend to talk about movement from the perspective of literature and arts, and the other one will talk about music itself. Indie is a big term. The acknowledgement of parlance is not a subjective thing but yet, everyone is eagerly to comprehend. No worries, the discussion never ends and wouldn’t disgress your understanding though people tend to discern and have unequivocal of thoughts to this banality. Either the concept  of DIY ethics are we talking about or the league we are creating forth, it is not exclusive for punks or other certain subculture. It is for everyone who adapt the philosophy. It’s a system of counter culture. To be or not to be punk or Indie, the segregation should not be exist. To whom we want to against, to whom we want to be free and for whom we want to impart the works made? The phrase of Indie is derived from ‘independent’ which not reliable and being unsigned. Perpetually  we are hauling up the phrase unconsciously.

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