What came to your mind when the name IF Baked appeared? Well, when I first heard of this brand– I thought of a bunch of lazy people that made pastries. Why? Because of the the word If. Lazy people use alot of ifs. I use alot of ifs. But guess what, out of the two thoughts, I got one right– they do pastries. AND, they are not lazy, definitely. If Baked is so-o-o-o full of love–they are a mother and daughter business. If you have enough time to stare into their logo, you will definitely see something in it–by; PeaceBeUponYou. Yaassss! IF Baked is one of PeaceBeUponYou’s special projects. Why? Because we, PeaceBeUponYou team is craving for sweetness and love! Don’t get it wrong, though. IF Baked is fully operated by another team, but still family.

IF Baked got it name from the founder (both the lovely mother and daughter!). Bet you know who is Eve, right? Well, the pretty sweet daughter name is Hawa in Rumi, of course the name was given by the lovely mother, and father too. (!!!!!!). Instead of putting it Eve Baked, they decided to make it into IF Baked. You must know how Eve and IF sounds alike, right? Brilliant! This lovely founder Hawa is fully inspired by an American baker named Rosanna Pansino and Jemma Wilson (Cupcake Jemma) too, the owner of Crumbs & Doilies.

One of many beautiful wedding cakes they made!

They started off in somewhere around 2014, based in Ipoh. They do wonderful pastries since then. I can literally imagine how they pound the flour and all. Throwing the flour here and there, the mother and daughter. Okay no no. You name what kind of pastries, they will find way to do it for you. Birthday cake, wedding cake, whatever cake? How many tiers, 10? You name it. Muffin and cupcakes? Thousand cups? Just spill the number. Cookies? Not a problem at all. You want an Elmo kind of cake or cookies or cupcakes? Piece of cake.

Instagram: @ifbaked

Credit: Hawa Akma


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