Event: Leavings & Requin Southeast Asia Tour 2019
Organised by: Room Affect and Bacteria Records
Date & Time: 15 August 2019 // 8 P.M
Venue: Dream Projects Hall
Admission Fee: RM 10.00

Gig was held last weekday where there were not many crowds flocked in the Dream Projects Hall. As supposed to start at 8 P.M as stated on the flyer, Ippie Gomas couldn’t make it for the show as I was told by the organizer, Raja Azrul, that Amir Anuar was not feeling well enough to came over. With the three acts available, the show had gone through nearly two hours late due to one of the band members of This Order couldn’t make it on time to emerge earlier to the show probably caused by few unavoidable reasons.  Thus, the opening act had been shifted to Requin as if to ensure the show to persistently went smooth to the end.


Brisbane origin, the band had released a full ep in 2018 entitled The Noisy Miners Swoop Him under the label Bird In The House wherein there are 5 tracks available in it. By the following year, they set sail to South East Asia for their tour where Ipoh have became the first venue they landed. Mingling with Saxophone, simple plucking and groovy drumming style, by at least from the tracks based on the EP itself has mesmerized me the fusions of melody as in you may hear the sense of avant-garde, jazz, 70’s post punk for instance. The uniqueness of the band was the saxophone part where it became as the vital instrument of every particular song as if that is the remarkable signature of Requin. The first time I listened to them is through the video clip they made called Aldrin Buzz, which is more artsy-fartsy concept same as the showmanship style they had at The QUBE Effect 2017 which curated by the Brisbane City Council.

This Order

A prominent hardcore from Kuala Kangsar, they have a tight showmanship though had played 3 songs during the show. Influenced by Youth of Today, Earth Crisis, Sick of It All and etc, (read: circa of the old school hardcore days), It was a quite impressive added with a pinch of noise by the guitarist. Not really a hardcore show with slamming dance by the crowd, it was still an enjoyable when they started to embark on stage.


The frontman, Andrew had told me they are most likely influenced by the 90’s American indie rock such as Sebadoh and Sonic Youth and some of the riff elements by the Fugazi and for that I’d definitely have a grand agree to him as I catch them up on stage. With the tech savvy upon the sound within the pedals, it has become a great architecture to bring in the realm of 90’s noise rock. All the songs with the tuning DADGAD and how it applied to the forming of the particular song, it has become a significant for the album they had released entitled Assemblage. For the best live performance, I can assure you to check them out Right Here, Right Now at 4ZZZ on youtube. Utterly ‘Mantap’!

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