Hello, salaam!

FF is a mini project by PeaceBeUponYou. This project is pioneered by a small group of people with a lot of tremendous, hilarious and bizarre ideas, and whom has been running PeaceBeUponYou since forever. The main course of this project is to celebrate the people that we love, really love–family, friends and you. Been talking about this since few months back, somewhere in February 2018, and is officially starting off this month of June 2018.

What is FF Project? What does FF stands for?

FF stands for anything (good) that comes on our mind. We have a few on our minds. When we first thought of this project, we thought of ‘For Friday’, ‘Fun Friday’, ‘Family & Friends’ and even ‘Fry Friday’.. O yes we did. Why a few names on Friday? Mainly because we will, insya-Allah, release the products for this project on secret Fridays every once a month.

Yes, we love you guys, a lot! Because you see, without you all, we are an absolute piece of gem that no one can ever notice. But please beware and take note that—we will only release a limited pieces of products each time. Secret number!

So, what’s your FF stands for? Do share by dropping a comment below!

Thanks for your love and support!

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